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Aug 26

Teaching your children a second language

Parents will always want their children to be the greatest in everything they do and this is why we insist on making them learn more than one language when little. Whether we talk about exotic languages or languages that we believe will come in handy in their future, hiring private tutors and paying expensive classes is the norm nowadays. Many do not understand why should children be exposed to other languages and cultures, but the truth is that it helps their development and understanding of the world. Take a look at the Creole summer institute and you will see kids of all ages and ethnicities going along very well. Just making your child realize that the effort to understand other is not useless, that people across the globe are not that different from each other after all will be enough of a reward.

I have once read in a book that children raised in a bilingual family are smarter, more opened minded and faster to adapt to difficult situations than other kids their age, so it did cross my mind that it would be wonderful for my own kids to have a father from another culture and learn two languages at once. However, I did not think about this at all when I married my Haitian husband. After we had our first child I did not insist on teaching him the language either, even though I already knew by that time how to speak Haitian Creole from my husband. After my son started talking, I realized that he only knew two words in Haitian, because he would only hear my husband say goodbye and I love you in his own language, in rest we only spoke in English. I immediately regretted not exposing him to this beautiful language sooner, because it would have been easy for him to assimilate the vocabulary when very little. It was no use to cry over spilled milk, so I immediately took action and appealed to a Creole summer institute. It was a great decision. I also imposed a rule in the house to talk as much as we could in Haitian in front of him and I even started to read bedtime books in this language. This way, he could also learn more about his father’s culture.

The Creole summer institute did the trick very well, teaching him the basic things and we took over from then on. Now my son speaks five languages and is the most tolerant person I know. I am very proud of him and I believe that overcoming the language barrier is a great method of interacting with other cultures at a deeper level. If you wish your children to be more tolerant and opened minded, not to mention smarter, exposing him to another culture and language is the perfect solution, not to mention that it will come in handy in the future. Teaching your children a second language and connecting them with other cultures will make them better people.


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