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Jan 20

The beauty of oak parquet

Renovating a home for your family might be a difficult task, especially when you have no clue where to start. The design you ought to pick should be attractive but at the same time functional and practical given the needs of your family present and future. You cannot decorate a house in a modern manner, if you are planning to have kids or you already have. When children appear in one’s life, the entire appearance of the home needs to be carefully adapted to their needs. It is very important to choose interior design ideas that are warm and welcoming, designs that offer the impression of protection. A common component of all these ideas is the flooring, usually made of wood. Surely you have noticed, if you have ever visited impressive looking mansions, that when it came down to choosing the right flooring, oak parquet was the only existing option. The reasons for this simple and fast decision are actually clear to anyone that knows a thing or two about the interior-decorating world. In any case, here are three aspects that might offer you an explanation for the indisputable beauty of oak flooring.

The warm and timeless feeling

Maybe because you have seen it in all kinds of homes or you remember it from your childhood, oak parquet is something you are used to. This is why when thinking of what to choose in terms of flooring your first options will always be parquet rovere .The texture and feeling of this type of wood have a warmth of its own that is easily impregnated in the entire home. Seeing your children playing on the parquet during the Christmas time is a one of a kind feeling, a family image you will certainly cherish.


The detailed texture


There is something about this type of parquet, something about its texture that draws people to it. Whether it mat or it has a high-gloss finish, you can still see the texture of the wood and understand why it is widely recognized as a strong one. You can see all the fine lines in the texture of this wood and when looking closely you might even have the impression that it has a life of its own, rich in stories.


Long lasting


You can say anything about oak flooring. You can say that it is expensive, that it may be hard to install, but when it comes to endurance, this is one option you can rely on. Oak flooring will last for many years to come, without letting the passing of time show, unlike other alternatives that are available on the specialized market. Also, even when the first marks made by the passing of time start becoming visible, they are not completely disagreeable and you won’t immediately feel compelled to change it.


Undoubtedly, this type of flooring is thought to be the best for all the right reasons. Therefore it should come as no surprise that so many people choose to integrate oak parquet in their homes.


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