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Jul 13

The cultural attractions of Nurnberg

Combining culture with traveling is one of the best ways of learning something while on holiday and discovering more about the past. If you are thinking about a new family vacation, then definitely consider Nuremberg, one of Germany’s most fascinating cities in terms of history and culture. Located in the charming region of Bavaria, it welcomes tourists with breathtaking views and countless stories that any history aficionado would love to hear. In the past years, the city has grown even more popular, Nürnberg hotels opening their gates to tourists looking for a unique and interesting holiday. Culture is definitely the hallmark of the city, so here are some attractions that should definitely be on your list.


The documentation center on the Nazi party rally grounds

If you love learning about the rise and fall of the Nazi Party, there is no better place to do so than the place where it all started. The documentation center on the Nazi party rally grounds is a reminder of the decisions of the Third Reich, offering an in-depth tour with incredible information that you cannot find in an average documentary. It also includes information about the Holocaust and includes some of the best-made exhibitions in the world. The documentation center is definitely not a light attraction, but it’s a must for history lovers.


Get ready to visit some of Germany’s best castles and churches


Nuremberg’s castles contribute to the city’s ancient, medieval and story like look. Kaiserburg Nurnberg should definitely be the first on your list. Once the residence of the Habsburgs, it is one of the best preserved castles in the world, so visiting it will feel like going back in time. You will have to walk a long climbing path to reach the top, but the beauty of the city’s skyline will be worth it. As for churches, the must see attractions in this category are definitely St. Lorenz Church, which is one of the most impressive establishments of its type in the world. Other popular options are St. Sebaldus Church and Saint Clare’s.


Must-see museums in Nuremberg


When it comes to museums, the picturesque city of Nuremberg has a bit of everything. Germanisches Nationalmuseum is the largest cultural museum in Germany, but if you prefer modern art you can visit the Neues Museum Nürnberg. There is even a toy museum, in case you are travelling with your children, so book your stay at one of the many Nürnberg hotels and get ready to experience an unforgettable history lesson.



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