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May 28

The most common types of personal injury cases

Also known under the name of “tort law”, personal injuries are a common reason for which people address a professional lawyer nowadays. These represent the damage suffered by someone due to another parties’ negligence or intentional action, and entitles the individual affected to take legal action. Most of the times, the plaintiff is likely to receive compensation for their harm, but this depends on their culpability and other variables, which is why it requires the involvement of competent authorities. In case you have suffered a personal damage, the best thing you could do is hire one of the top personal injury lawyers in the area, because they will guide you and help you understand all the stages of the legal process. Here are some of the most common categories of personal injury cases lawyers encounter on a daily basis:

Car or truck accidents

These are by far the most frequent injuries occurring nowadays. The main reason for which a car accident takes place is the fact that someone does not respect the rules, so the other party is entitled to take legal action against the one whose negligence caused the accident. Most of the times, if the incident did not have human victims the careless driver is obliged to pay financial damages – for car repair or moral damage. In case the harmed ones need medical care, the party found guilty will bear all the costs towards the hospital and if the accident leads to somebody’s death, the case is transferred to the criminal code.


Medical malpractice

This situation appears when a doctor or any other health care professional does not deliver the best services, and this fact results in an additional injury suffered by the patient. The claims are launched against those who fail to offer the highest standards of medical care, and are some of the most complex situations. If you have been a victim of this type of negligence, the best thing you could do is hire an experienced representative, because the medical institution will definitely have a professional defending their interests.


Accidents involving slip or fall

These are very common, especially during wintertime. Some house owners fail to maintain their properties as they should and this may lead to incidents involving passers-by. The legal duty of preserving your house in good state (devoid of hazards or other dangers such as icy stairs or icicles) is well known for years, but in spite of this, some people neglect their citizen duties and are thus accountable in front of the law.



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