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Jan 19

The role of the father in the family

The role of the father in the family has undergone many changes over time. Many of these changes can be attributed to different types of families and their life habits, and how the family is integrated into society. A significant number of mothers are returning earlier to work after giving birth, in most cases because of the need to earn money for family maintenance. For this reason, in many families, the father gets a more significant role in children’s lives. The mother felts also this change and she must bring a balance in sharing family tasks.

The benefits of involving the father in the family are clear and extensively studied.  The achievements of children in schools may be affected by a strained relationship between the child and his father. The father is influencing the child and in choosing a future career, a lifestyle and the idea of family, in most cases, the children identifying at adulthood with the lifestyle of their parents. Therefore, the father is influencing directly the family life and consequently the children’s live through its behavior, the time spent solving the problems of family and through the involvement in daily activities of the children.

In order for the father to have a greater influence on the children he must learn how to show interest in their life. Only by knowing your children can you educate them in a proper manner. For example if you have a daughter who is interested in her image, it would be a good idea to give her some fitness tips. She is more likely to accept such advice from the father than from the mother because as a man he can offer her a perspective about how the female beauty is perceived by the opposite sex. Furthermore by giving her fitness tips you encourage her to practice healthy activities instead of starving herself in order to stay fit. It is a lot easier for men to bound with their daughters than with their sons as they tend to be more protective with the girls.

Furthermore, some men, mostly the ones who are spoiled by their female partners, can never fully grow up, so in the family hierarchy, they achieve the role of mischievous friends. These are the type of parents who bring home puppies without consulting the wife or who hide their child’s blunders from the mother. These types of dads are generally fun to have around but they rarely consider the consequences of their decisions and in most cases, they force the mother to assume the role of the bad cop. It is important for fathers to understand that parenthood is a two road street and if they care about their children’s education, they must collaborate with their partners. For example, when a child desperately wants a puppy, both parents should talk about it. It is better to find a compromise than to crush the child’s dreams or to fulfill their dreams without considering the implications. In such a situation, two responsible adults, should check a list of small dog breeds, and pick a low maintenance type of dog that gets along good with children. Small dogs are easier to care for but if you read the list of small dog breeds carefully, you will notice that some breeds are not suitable for children as they have too much energy and too little patience.  Another matter to consider is who will take care of the new pup. It is best if this task falls on the child’s shoulders as it will be a great way to teach them about responsibility.

Some studies show that men face a number of problems in their attempt to fully assume the role of father. Men are raised in the spirit of independence, of work on their own to get money to live and do not gain from birth the ability to raise a child. Also, some men are marked by the conflicts occurred during adolescence, between them and their own fathers, when, due to the development of the independent spirit, most often boys and their fathers come to disputes and controversies of ideas. Mothers, in turn, gain from birth the skills and emotional preparation necessary to raise a child. Therefore, they must be patient and understanding with fathers who are trying to assume the role of parent but not always live up to the expectations of others. It is very important that mothers be willing to share their experience in terms of raising the child and to encourage men to take responsibility of caring for children, apart from winning the money for the good of the family.

In addition, it is very important for both parents to realize that each one has his role in raising the children and never one of them can fully take the place of another. Sometimes in can help to read good relationship quotes, especially if they are related to parenting, because they put things in perspective and show us how important the input of both parents is. Good relationship quotes talk about patience, understanding, love and communication, all important things in a family that wishes to be happy.Yet there are things that the father can learn to do with his children. The love between parents and the perseverance in solving the everyday problems are very important elements in the equation to ensure a climate of peace and understanding in family. As given by nature that only a male-female couple can procreate naturally, and parenting roles must be undertaken together both by the father and by the mother. The important thing is that both the father and the mother give all their best for their children and to assume fully the role of parents.


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