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May 20

The Virginia Heavy Highway Exam- a Holy Grail for contractors

Obtaining a license in any field is not an easy task, especially since rules and regulations are constantly changing and there is an increasingly greater pressure to keep up with all the standards and follow the legal guidelines. Since unlicensed workers are no longer requested, more and more persons are striving to obtain the necessary permits to continue their activity or to start their career in this constantly changing field. And everyone knows just how important it is for a family when an additional source of income is created which is why getting the legal permits to work as a contractor expert may be the only way some families can escape from a precarious financial situation. Regardless of the men, women or youth of the family need employment and the prospect of a lucrative career in this ever-growing field of occupation, one thing is for sure: nothing can be done without the necessary authorizations nowadays. This is precisely why taking part in continuous training such as participating in the Virginia Heavy Highway Exam Preparation Course (H/H) is of vital importance.


The need for specialty lessons


Clients are no longer so eager to hire persons without the specialty trainings, especially if those clients are big companies involved in high stake projects. In other words, you might be able to secure a small, home renovation project on one of your friends’ properties but you will never be able to land a major project like a highway construction if you don’t follow all of the necessary guidelines.


Why the Virginia Heavy Highway Exam?

This particular form of examination is necessary for all of the persons who want to carry large scale projects and complex activities in the construction world. Repairs, demolitions and work on dams are just some of the pertinent examples in this case. furthermore, the H/H exams enables an individual worker to attend to drainage systems on runways, to public transit systems, make the foundation for streets, work on bridges and railroads, as well as make significant structural changes on other forms of construction projects.


What functions does an H/H licensed contractor execute?


After properly preparing for the examination with the right instructors and specialized companies, obtaining this license can be easy, but what does it include? What are the particular functions executed by the authorized H/H contractors? Examples are many and the following list offers just a sneak peak at the main attributes:

  • Non-water drilling
  • Demolition work on buildings
  • Pile diving
  • Paving clearing
  • Excavation jobs
  • Road making



Other attributes included in the job requirements


Apart from the above mentioned construction work, students of the specialized courses will also find out that they need to participate in an active manner to additional tasks as well. These are not unrelated to the main direction of the job and rather come as a complimentary activity base. Examples here include installation, dismantling and maintenance work on the following systems:

  • Power generating systems distributing electric current
  • Treatment plants
  • Telegraph and telephone stations for the public utilities
  • Pumping stations
  • Water and sewer lines
  • Gas pipes and many more.



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