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Oct 30

Three unique uses of wedding ribbons

Weddings have to be perfect, but perfect means different things for different people and thank God for that, otherwise all wedding would be the same. Anyway, as said, everyone wants their wedding to turn out perfect, especially brides so no details are ever left unaddressed. The decoration of the reception area and the ceremony area, if that is not performed in a church, are always important issues that are dealt with from the very beginning and most of the times is decor involves high quality, sating ribbons and sashes or bows. However, wedding ribbons can be used for much more than just location decor or tying bows around the back of the chairs for a nicer table arrangement. These little rays of colour and softness can be used in a variety of places and for numerous purposes and below you will be able to read about three unique ways to make great use of ribbons for your perfect wedding.

First of all, in order for the wedding ribbons to have the desired effect, you should not only get high quality fabric, but also direct your attention towards printed ribbons, because they make the difference between a nice effect and the wow effect. That being said, one particular use of these ribbons can be for tying the cutlery. When arranging the table, many wedding planner suggest using tableware holders for the knife and fork, but instead of that, you should consider tying a nice bow around them using a printed ribbon. The ribbon can say whatever you want, from Mr and Mrs X and Just Married to a specific phrase like To Have and To Hold From This Day Forward and the entire wedding vows. This will definitely catch the guests’ eye, especially since the cutlery is right there, on the table and they will have to use it at some point, so they won’t need to have a special eye for details or decorations to notice the decor trick.


Another way to make use of printed ribbons for weddings is to wrap the favours with them. Whether your wedding favours come in a box, a bag or have no outside package, you can easily wrap ribbons and bows around them and have a message printed, such as the names of the guests, your names and date of the wedding, a message to the guests like Thank You or anything else you might want. Last, but not least, if you want your wedding to be truly unique, you can use wedding ribbons to hang out signs. If you have a large event area, you can use the signs to point out directions for the guests, such as from the ceremony area to the reception area or to the open bar. If that’s not the case, there are these adorable signs with “Just Married” or “I do & Me Too”, “Perfect Together” and many other such messages that will look great hung here and there or above your table, depending on your entire decor theme.


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