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Aug 14

Tips For Raising Teenage Girls

Raising a child is never easy but the hard times are usually followed by priceless rewards. However, there comes a certain period in your child’s life when all reason is completely abandoned. If you think that once your child grows older it will be easier to talk to him or her, you couldn’t be more wrong. The adolescence is one of the most difficult parts of a person’s life but it is a lot more difficult for the parents. Today we are going to give you a few tips for raising teenage girls.


  • Bonding

It is a well known fact that girls are usually more attached to their fathers while boys tend to prefer their mothers. Well, this situation changes a little in the teenage years. Your little girl will stop looking at you as just a mother and she will start top examine you as a woman. She will be curious about your beauty rituals, your teenage years, your first relationships and so on. It is very difficult for mother top talk with their little girls about this things but this is an important part of the bonding process. If you avoid these discussions you will only be pushing your daughter away just as she is trying to get close to her. Some girls are more shy and they will not initiate these conversations therefore it will be your job to start the discussions.

  • Chores and privileges

During the adolescence, young girls have a difficult time making the transition from children to adults. They want the same privileges that children have but they also want the freedom that adults have. In order to help your daughter through this period you need to take it step by step. You must never give her complete freedom nor should you expect her to do all the house chores. Start by giving her small chores that are followed by small rewards. You could also do chores together such as cooking. However, try not to bore your child with fancy food dishes. Instead you could teach her some quick soup recipes that she can do when you are not home. In order to make the process less boring, put on some music and try to have fun while doing the house chores.

  • The trust issue

The trust part is one of the most difficult parts of raising teenage girls. For starters, you want to trust your daughter but you never know if she is truly ready to be on her own. Furthermore, even if you trust her, that doesn’t mean that you also trust the people around her. The best thing to do is to have a serious talk with your daughter about the dangers that concern you and see how she views them. If she takes your concerns seriously and she comes with good solutions for staying out of trouble, that means that she is ready. If, on the other hand she will dismiss your concerns while saying that she knows better than you need to think twice about the freedom that you are giving her. Furthermore, it never hurts to get to know your daughter’s friends in order to see if they too can be trusted.

  • The right approach

Raising teenage girls can be quite challenging but if you do your job right it can also be very rewarding. The important thing is to persevere when trying to build a relationship with her. You may think that teaching her some quick soup recipes is a waste of time but you will soon realize that it is very important how you approach each situation. If you tell your daughter that she has to fix dinner if she wants to watch the TV you will probably end up with a cold, raw dinner. However, if you tell her that she is in charge of fixing dinner and taking care of the house when you are away, she will take this as a sign of trust and she will do her best top make your proud.


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