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Jan 21

Tips for recruiting the right people


Running a business is not an easy thing to do, especially when it comes to choosing the people who are going to work with and for you. In the corporate sector, success is not something you achieve on your own, which is why you have to select your team carefully. In case you need to find someone to fill in a position that requires specific skills and certification, you should know from the beginning that this will be an actual challenge. Furthermore, in engineering, nursing or accounting, employees are in great demand, so you may find it difficult to pick the right candidate. Skilled employees are not easy to hire, so you will have to prepare the selection process with some time in advance if you want to have a successful recruitment. In case you are thinking how you can attract the right candidates and select from the best applicants, here are some things that may help you:

  1. Collaborate with an HR specialist

Whether you get a temporary consultant or you choose recruitment agency, HR help will come in very handy. Fortunately, more and more company are using outsourcing, so there are plenty of dedicated recruitment companies on the market, such as PATH4 Group. These can offer great benefits: they have a pool of potential candidates, they spare you the financial effort of paying a full time HR specialist, they keno the local market and the industry and they can also provide valuable inputs related to applicants’ profile. In addition to this, you will not have to waste time with interviews: all you need to do is create a job description, design a clear profile and explain the experts what you are looking for. They will take care of the entire selection process and you can rest assured that the results are the best.

  1. Promote the vacancies strategically

If you want to choose from the best candidates, you will have to know your audience before advertising the positions. For this reason, you need to establish exactly which your needs are and also make a brief market analysis. Find out what the local environment has to offer, which are the current tendencies and salary rates, and create and advertisement in accordance with these criteria. Placing a targeted job promo is easy to do and it will help you reach the perfect candidates without a lot of effort and time. If necessary, use niche sites to find qualified people – there are plenty of online platforms dedicated only to IT, engineering and so on.

  1.  Make your ad user friendly

Of course you want to make your promo sound professional, but you also want to have people understanding what you say. That is why you need to make the promo as comprehensible as possible: use common words and add specialized language only when necessary, eliminate useless details and try to offer as much information as possible: job description, timeframe, additional skills, number of openings. Besides this, you have to make the application as easy as possible, because a lot of people will give up if they have too many fields to fill in.



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