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Jan 24

Tips for saving money on holiday gift-wrapping

You cannot really consider your shopping done until the gifts are neatly wrapped. Nonetheless, holiday gift-wrapping can immediately eat away your budget. During peak gift-giving holiday season, you have no choice than to use a service dedicated to helping people who are way in over their heads. Instead of relying on the services provided by a crowded store, you should do your own gift-wrapping. You can save a great deal of money by using your own supplies. Do not spend your money on a gift-wrapping service, but on wrapping paper and ribbon from The Ribbon Room.

Use wrapping paper or butcher paper

To reduce the wastes, and the costs, it is a good idea to reuse wrapping paper. The likelihood is that your kid or your spouse saved a few colourful varieties, so why not put them to good use? Wrapping paper generates millions of tons of waste, just like shopping bags. If you do not have wrapping paper lying around, or if you are not eager to spend your money on buying a wrapping paper roll, you can always use butcher paper.

Learn how to use ribbons creatively

There is nothing more versatile than ribbons. Ribbons work both as fashionable accessories and as crafts supplies. Ribbons are perfect for your wrapping needs, being very appealing from an aesthetical standpoint. When you buy streamers, you should always buy in bulk. The reason for this is that you will have bows for many seasons to come.

Save gift bags for next year  

Planning ahead is always smart. If you do not want to purchase gift bags each single time, keep this in mind: do not throw away the gift bags you receive. You can use them for your own presents. No one will care if you use the same bags you have received as gift. What matters is what inside, and the intention of course.

Fill a box with supplies

The best thing you can do to save on money is to fill a box with supplies. While you have everything you need at your hand, make sure that the supplies are not used for any other project in the house. Making a label will certainly be useful. Your supply box can include just about anything, such as scissors or rolls of ribbon. What is certain is that the supply box will not remain full for a long time.



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