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Dec 30

Tips for women who are looking for a new car

It is a well known rule of marketing that whatever you are selling, you must know your audience. Men have different tastes from women, and this can be seen also on the sales reports that appear annually, including also the automotive industry. Women represent less than 45% of the buyers in terms of cars, but influence about 85% of the vehicle purchase decisions. Since they are considered buyers without experience as far as sales or vehicles are concerned, they are very often neglected, patronized or disadvantages when it comes to car dealerships. For example, a study showed that car dealers ask for higher prices to women than to men, considering them less prepared in the field. Nowadays, this can easily be prevented, if you make a small research in advance and choose to collaborate with a reliable supplier of certified pre owned cars in Ottawa.

In order to avoid sellers taking advantage on your lack of knowledge, try to do your homework before meeting them. The gold rule of buyers, regardless the object they want to purchase, is to find out more information about the market, before closing a deal: current prices, trends etc. This applies especially to women, since many consider them ignorant, especially regarding cars. So decide in advance exactly what you want, search on the internet or in magazines and choose the most suitable type of car for you, then compare offers, to make an idea about the prices on the market. Afterwards, try to read more about it and keep in mind all the details you consider useful, and you can even mention some of these to your sales agent, to let them know you are informed. In addition to this, you can make a list of pros and cons, about which you will ask questions to the dealer, and in order to test their sincerity, you can even make up some questions whose answers you already know.

Try to find out as many details as possible, but also make sure the salesperson is aware that they cannot trick you or present you false offers. Find out which are the relevant aspects a professional should tell you about, because very often the personnel of specialized stores is trying to distract the client, spending a lot of time speaking about insignificant elements (such as colours or textures). Do not let yourself trapped in this conversation, and immediately change the topic by requesting considerable details, such as warranty, reliability, horsepower, or whatever you consider decisive for closing the deal. In addition to this, after learning all the needed information, do not hesitate and take the car for a test drive. Take your time to drive inside the city and also outside (on the highway and also on the city streets) and turn down the volume to listen carefully to the sounds it makes. Make sure the car uses as much gas as you were told, check the air conditioning, comfort of the seats or anything else you consider relevant.


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