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Jun 29

Tips to decorate a baby girl nursery

Preparing for welcoming a baby is quite expensive, and at a certain point of the pregnancy, you realise that you have to transform one of the rooms of the house in nursery. This is not a simple process, considering the fact that you have to paint the walls with special paint that does not contain toxic substances, which might harm the health of your baby. Also, you have to invest in furniture items made from special materials and when summing up all the expenses you see that you have to spend money you cannot afford. But if you somehow manage to buy the essential items for a nursery, and you are worried that you cannot obtain that stylish look you notice in magazines, you do not have to worry anymore, because when having a baby girl, the simplest way to decorate a nursery is to use fabric ribbon. Here are some ideas on how you can upgrade the look of the nursery before welcoming your baby girl.

Personalise the crib

The crib is the centre of the room, and if you have a baby girl, then you might have purchased a white or nude one. Cribs are quite simple, if you do not want to invest in one, which features different patterns, and when it is a simple model, you have the possibility to decorate it as a white canvas. Therefore, you could place the crib in the middle of the room, and hang from the ceiling stripes of ribbon to create a princess room effect. The ribbon not only that will create a stylish look, but will also protect your baby from sun light and bugs. In case you want something more subtle, you can simply tie some ribbon bows from the corners of the bed, but you have to be careful because children grow rapidly and in no time, your little princess will stand up and will start to untie them.

Decorate the walls

You might not have money to invest in expensive paintings for decorating the walls, but you have the possibility to create some decorations by yourself, you can go to a stationery shop, and buy some paper letter for creating the name of your baby girl. Tie them with a piece of ribbon, and hang them on the walls in an asymmetric pattern. You can choose different colours for the letters, or you can personalise only the ribbon stripes.

Use handmade arrangements

In the last months of the pregnancy, you will not have the energy to have an active life, and you can use that time to create some decorations for your baby’s room. For example, you can draw by yourself some paintings, and you do not have to be talented, because you could learn from tutorials how to draw a swan or other birds and animals. In addition, you can use seashells to create the frames for the painting, and the only thing you have to do is to glue them on a simple wood frame, and mix them in different sizes and colours.


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