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Aug 24

Understanding rhinoplasty – common myths related to this surgery

Nowadays, cosmetic surgeries have become very popular, especially since there are many clinics that provide dedicated and reliable services. So, if you are not happy about how your face features are harmonized, rest assured there are several treatments you can use to eliminate any in correction. Rhinoplasty is definitely one of the most popular procedures patients demand when visiting a specialised clinic such as Centre for Surgery. This intervention is aimed to enhance the look of your nose, which is the central element of your face and can change its entire aspect. Although it is so common, people do not have enough information related to the topic, which is why there are plenty of misconceptions about rhinoplasty. It is said that it hurts, that it is rarely successful or that it costs a lot – all of which are mere rumours. If you actually decide to get the operation, discuss with an expert first and read on this article to discover some of the most popular myths:

It is one of the easiest surgeries

Most people think that they can go to the doctor, show them a picture of a beautiful face and leave the clinic looking just like that. Actually, removing the unaesthetic bump or adjusting the nose for it to reach a correct position is not that easy. The task is challenging and complex, given the fact that the surgeon has to take into consideration several criteria before starting to operate. To begin with, your health is their main priority: they cannot design a nose that will make it hard for you to breathe. In addition to this, they also need to consider the other features of your face, because the new nose has to be in perfect harmony with these. An experienced doctor will have everything planned in detail and this does not include only a mere visit to their practice.

The surgery costs a lot

Some people think this type of cosmetic operations is only for celebrities and they cannot afford to get one. However, this is not actually true. If you pick a reliable clinic you will see that rhinoplasty cost London is not that high and you can get the expected results without paying a lot of money. Of course, price varies depending on practices, doctors and also on your current situation, but rest assured the surgery is not something you cannot afford. A medium income is enough for you to get professional cosmetic services.

You will need revision

If you think you will certainly need to re-do your operation in the upcoming years, you could not be more wrong. Of course revision sessions can be necessary, but they are not mandatory in all cases. The new nose is built for life, but if your anatomy and features tend to change, you may have to discuss your options with your doctor once again. Major interventions are rarely recommended by experts.



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