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Feb 18

Unique habits you will find in the Philippine food culture


The Philippines is one of the places you should visit at least once in your lifetime. You will be amazed by the multitude of colors, by its amazing culture and most importantly by its unique cuisine. When planning a vacation to the Philippines, you have to make sure you know exactly what the best restaurants in the region where you are going are, so that you do not spend too much time browsing the Internet while you are on your vacation. Websites such as can be a very good place to start your research. Here are some unique food habits you should know about the Philippine cuisine.

Rice is everywhere

Just as in the case of many other Asian countries, the Philippines is known as a nation of rice lovers and this can be seen even in their dictionary, as they have seven different words for rice. You should know that people do not use it only in preparing dishes, but also in deserts and even wines. Filipinos are on the opinion that a meal is not complete without rice, which is why you will find it in nearly every dish.

No knives at the table

Another very interesting food habit Filipinos have is that they only use forks and spoons at the table and no knives. Spoons usually replace knives, but if you are used to using knives when eating, you can request them in restaurants. In some areas, food is also eaten without any such utensils, but with bare hands, especially in the case of fried chicken meals.

Sawsawan is a must

In various cuisine cultures around the world, such as the French cuisine, adding sauce or certain condiments in order to enhance the food’s flavor is often criticized. However, this does not count for the Philippines, as they are on the opinion that every dish needs a little sawsawan or any other type of sauce. For the best experience, visit websites such as to find the most appreciated restaurant in the region you are travelling to.

Say yes to food

One Philippine greeting custom is to ask if people if they have eaten or to invite them over to eat. You should know that in many cases this question is asked only as a form of showing politeness, with no intention of giving or serving food. A polite answer is to say that you are already full or that you have just served your meal, but if you are asked twice, it is polite that you accept the invitation. There is this belief in the Philippine culture that if you refuse someone’s food, it means you do not trust or like that person. Even taking one bite is a sing of appreciation.

Don’t be late for food

Another custom Filipinos have is that they do not like people who are late for the dinner table. If you are called to eat, it is advisable you respond immediately to the invitation and that you join the table once you are asked, since this is a way to show respect to both the family and the food. Foreigners are often excused, but keep in mind that it is better if you are prepared as meal time nears.



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