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Jul 12

Vita Novus rehab puts an end to substance abuse

The Vita Novus recovery center is one of the few holistic rehabilitation facilities in Canada, focusing not only on ending the physical addiction of its clients, but also on overcoming the psychological dependency. This is a place where people can find their health questions answered but also where they can find themselves. To that extent, the center employs both qualified medical staff and a great number of experienced therapists and counselors, specialized in various aspects of addiction treatment, such as life coaching, spiritual health counselors, mood management specialists and art and expressive therapy masters. This way, at the center, you will receive not only the best possible detoxification and medical care, but also guidance and support in embracing a totally different perspective on life, one that will help you get clean and stay clean, as well as achieve perspective and meaning in your existence. If you are looking for rehabilitation centers in Canada, then there is no better choice than Vita Novus rehab, a highly professional and competent addiction treatment facility, which will help you fight and defeat this difficult disease.


The Vita Novus addiction center offers a wide variety of services, from intensive rehab programs to continuous support after release. The center provides biochemical restoration, cognitive behavioral therapy, detoxification treatments, lifestyle counseling, talk therapy, relapse prevention plans, as well as intervention services, helping families and friends understand the ins and outs of the illness and behave accordingly. Substance abuse can come in many forms, and nowadays people get addicted to all kinds of things, including prescription medication. Mens health supplements can also become addictive, or various forms of steroids that men take in order to increase muscle mass easy. In fact, Vita Novus is one of the few rehabilitation facilities providing family programs, which is extremely important for the addicts, as they need a strong and reliable support system in their recovery process and being part of this system can be frustrating and overwhelming if you don’t understand what addiction can do. Therefore, Vita Novus recovery center can greatly help you not only by providing high standard medical treatment to individuals struggling with addiction, but also by offering their families and close friends the resources and guidance needed to best handle the situation. You can contact the center’s team to find out more about the family program and what it entails, as the facility also provides a live, online program for families that can’t physically attend the meetings, in order to encourage and educate them in how to rebuild a family system.

The road to recovery is not easy, it is filled with pitfalls and drawbacks, but the Vita Novus rehab registers the lowest relapse rate in the country, due to its highly effective 10 months additional support program and family program. Not only will you have your health questions answered answered here, but at this center you can also make piece with yourself, surrounded by professionals as well as by your loved ones. Patients and their friends and families are always welcomed to attend meetings and learn how to deal with certain situations, whether they need guidance for a week, a month or even a year, giving them the chance to get stabilized and learn to re-adapt. All in all, the Vita Novus addiction treatment facility is a complete rehabilitation center, offering all inclusive services to individuals suffering from addiction and their families, regardless of the case severity or complexity. The center can treat any type of addiction, including methadone, and offers immediate availability, so that you can begin your recovery as soon as possible.


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