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Aug 27

What you need to know about insulation in old houses

People are often quite envious of those who live in an old, period house or castle, imagining that their life is all about comfort and luxury, so when they hear that these buildings are actually cold and drafty they raise their eyebrows in disbelief. How can something that looks so imposing and glamorous be uncomfortable? Unfortunately, cold temperatures are common issue in period houses, especially in Canada, which is one of the coldest countries in the world. It all stems from the fact that these homes were built in the 19th or 20th century, when insulation technologies were only rudimentary and energy efficiency wasn’t a concern. Nowadays, things have changed and owners of old homes are looking for Toronto insulation to fix the mistakes of the builders. If you haven’t invested in good insulation for your old house, then here’s why you shouldn’t postpone.

Insulation makes your house more comfortable

Old houses aren’t insulated properly. Although they look amazing from afar, once you get it, you can actually feel a draft because the air gets in through the cracks between doors and windows. In winter, many people actually put blankets under the door or around windows to make sure wind and snow don’t get through, which can be very frustrating. To avoid catching colds (and the creepy sound of the wind blowing at night), you should contact a professional contractor to insulate your house.

Save money on energy bills

The better insulated your home is, the more it is protected from the elements so you won’t have to turn the heating as high. This means that you’ll pay less on energy bills, which is always good news. People who live in a small house may not see a noticeable difference, but if you have a large old mansion with several stories and a lot of rooms, you will definitely save a lot of money. Your savings won’t be considerable just during winter, but also in summer, when you won’t have to turn on the AC as often.

How to tackle a large scale insulation project

Unfortunately, understanding the importance of insulation for an old house doesn’t guarantee that your air infiltration problems will disappear or that you’ll cut utility prices dramatically. In order to deliver its full benefits, insulation needs to be done right, by a team of experts, based on your type of property and the materials with which it was built. There are many ways to go around insulation and the project must always be tailored to your needs. Otherwise, not only do your risk wasting money on a large project and being just as cold during winter, but you might also ruin the historic beauty of your property. To avoid unfortunate experiences, analyze your local market for the best insulation contractors and choose a team of experts that has worked on similar projects before. If you saw some of their previous works personally, it would be even better, because you get the guarantee that they are truly professional.


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