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Jan 28

When drivers should replace the coil springs on a vehicle

Car owners should know that coil springs are vital parts of a car, and  it should  be checked regularly and make sure it functions properly. Coil springs are placed differently according to the type of car. For example,  on front-wheel-drive vehicles they are assembled to the strut. On the heavy-duty cars, manufacturers place them between the frame and the chassis. Drivers  can check the state of coil springs  online, or if they have know a bit of cars and car parts, they can do it by themselves. Here are some tips that can help them understand better, when they should replace the coil springs.

Consider the longevity

Usage and time  can compromise coil springs,  but proper maintenance makes them last longer. There are situations when coil springs are designed to last a lifetime. Manufacturers do not give an expiration date for the springs as they do for other parts, car owners can focus on some aspects, which should be checked when they inspect the suspension. The coil springs are the ones that support the weight of the car, and the shocks have the role to prevent bouncing. If drivers observe that something is not working properly, they should ask for a professional advice, because in some situations if they replace the shocks, the state of the car will improve. Coil springs are more durable that struts or shocks. However, if the owner ignores that the car has weakened shocks, then the coil springs might be affected. Weakened coils will compromise the alignment and ride height of the vehicle. To prevent this, drivers should measure the ride height and compare it with the one written in the car’s specifications.

What to look for

Drivers should know that the coils springs are found close to the tire, and if they broke, they can rub or puncture the sidewall of a tire, and can lead to a flat tire or blowout.  When inspecting the  the state of the car, then they should run their hands on the whole surface of the coils,  to check for any anomaly.  One sign that the car has damaged coils is when the strut experiences binding or creaking. Drivers can check this by turning the steering wheel back and forth and check if  there are creaking or binding noises.

What to do

Drivers do not have to replace the coil springs every time they replace a suspension component. When they measure the height of the car, they should do it on the both sides of the axle,as springs are separate parts and only one of them might become weak. It is advisable to replace the springs, struts and shocks in sets, even if it is damaged only one of them. To know exactly what parts of their car have to be changed, it is recommended for the drivers to ask for a specialist’s advice.


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